Dog Bite Attacks

Dog bite attacks can be very traumatic and will more often than not leave the victim of the dog bite afraid of dogs for the rest of their lives.

Dogs however, are valued family pets in many households and are generally a comfort to a lot of people. Unfortunately isolated dog bite attacks do occur and people do suffer personal injury as a result of the attack. Injuries vary from minor scratches to severe lacerations needing stitching and leaving scarring. In some cases the attack can be fatal.

Rottweiler There are certain criteria to make a successful compensation claim for a dog bite which are:

  • The dog is known to be a nuisance
  • The owners neglect to take care of the dog and regularly let it behave in an unruly manner
  • It is known to have attacked people in the past without provocation

Therefore it would be a good idea to report any dog to the local authority if you believe it to be dangerous and acting in an unruly manner on a regular basis. The local authority can then investigate, and if need be take action.

Action can be taken against the owners if they neglect to keep their dog under control, and the dog has previously been reported for dog bite attacks in the past.

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Postmen are often the victims of dog bites. It is the duty of the owner to make sure if a dog is likely to be boisterous when the post is delivered, that the dog is locked away and not able to attack the postman.

If this does happen regularly, and it is reported as a nuisance dog, then action may be taken against the owner if the injury is severe enough. The post office themselves have their own policy with regards to this and will take action against offenders.

If however, you are in an open space where dogs are allowed to roam freely on their walks and the dog is just running around, playing and you are injured by being knocked over, this is not something where an injury claim can be made.

The reason being, the dog is behaving naturally and has not deliberately attacked.  Therefore, it is just an unfortunate accident.  It is, however the duty of the dog owner to keep their dog on a lead in public places, especially if the dog is temperamental with its behavior.

As children are often also the victims of dog bite attacks, it is advisable to;

  • Deter your child from approaching strange dogs, as not all dogs are used to children.
  • Always ask permission from the owner for your child to approach a dog
  • Encourage them to be gentle, if a child is used to dogs, maybe has one as a family pet, they may not understand that not all dogs are good with children.
  • Never leave a child alone with a dog, you never know when incidents can occur, even if the dog is used to children

If you have been bitten by a dog and feel that a claim for compensation should be made please contact our advisers at PICA who will be able to discuss and assess whether or not you would be able to make an injury claim following a dog bite attack.